Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas

This book is by far my all time favorite series. It’s an amazing high fantasy series with an empowering female protagonist and amazing character development. I mean, looking back at the very first book, it’s almost impossible to believe that the series has come so far!

The series follows Celaena Sardothien, a female assassin who is caught and sent to the salt mines of Endovier after a roller coaster of events leading up to it. She’s then offered a ticket out of slavery: Compete in a competition to be the King’s Champion. But what I absolutely love about this story is that there is so much more to Celaena than just her fight for survival. As the story progresses, so many more characters are introduced and the world of Erilea gets more and more complex and detailed. All this happens at a pace that allows the reader to absorb everything but yet still be caught up in all the action. I love Sarah’s writing style and really can’t wait for the last book in this series to be released!

That’s about all I can say without giving any spoilers, so if you haven’t picked up this series yet, I strongly encourage you to!


Now, on to the more detailed review! Do take note that from this part onward, there will be spoilers for all the books, up until Empire of Storms. So if you haven’t read all the other books, please beware!!

First off, the ending of Empire of Storms left me with so so so many emotions. And honestly, it was pretty messed up. I mean c’mon, does Lysandra really have to pretend to be Aelin and be “married” to Rowan but secretly let Aedion conceive her child? I admit, it is a darn good idea that I probably would have never thought of, but isn’t it a darn bad idea too? And this fifth book has really soared way beyond the category of young adult.. Which I’m not really happy with, to be honest. Also, where were the chapters with Chaol and Nesryn? I really hope that when the next book comes out, it will at least describe their journeys to the Southern continent and not just jump straight into their return. Because that would really suck. Speaking of Chaol, I just have to put it out there that I completely hated the way his character was like in Queen of Shadows. He was being such a jerk that I wanted to slap him and punch him. I didn’t understand what was with his problem with Celaena being the lost Queen of Terassen. Like, seriously??

But enough with the negative reviews and on to the positive! The planning that went through Aelin’s head blew my mind. I was so amazed whenever it seemed like there was great trouble but then Aelin swoops in with a surprise and saves the day and all is well. Well, except for the last chapter. It was a surprise, sure, but all was definitely not well. And did I mention that I love Elide? In a way, I feel like she reminds me of myself. Not just because we’re both short in stature, but because of her character. I feel that Elide is quite an impulsive person, despite the fact that she thinks things through and is amazingly observant. I love the fact that she doesn’t let any sort of disability get in her way. But I must say, her relationship with Lorcan felt a bit rushed to me, but I ship them so much! I was so sad when it sank at the end. Though I do agree that Lorcan deserved it all. ALL OF IT. All in all, the ending left me craving for more and I’m really curious as to how Sarah is going to end off this series. SO EXICTED for the last book!!

So that’s it for my review on the Throne of Glass series (mainly Empire of Storms), and I just want to put it out there that you don’t have to agree with me. I would actually love it if you share your own thoughts on the series, be it agreeing or disagreeing with me. So feel free to leave a message or comment!

Catch y’all later!



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