My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult

This was one of the books included in my February TBR. Before I read it, my expectations weren’t very high. It wasn’t because of the blurb or the author; both made me look forward to reading the novel. I guess it was just the plain fact that it is a contemporary novel, and I’m not exactly very interested in that genre. After reading the book, I’m dying to read more of what Jodi Picoult has to offer. Honestly, it is the best contemporary novel I’ve ever read in my entire life so far. No kidding.

So to surmise, My Sister’s Keeper is about a young teenager named Anna, who is constantly admitted into the hospital because of her older sister, Kate. You see, Kate was diagnosed with a rare type of leukemia since she was two, and Anna was genetically engineered to be a perfectly matched donor for Kate. And so whenever Kate is admitted into the hospital, Anna always winds up there too. It gets to a point where Anna is asked to donate a kidney to Kate, and she can’t do it. The story then escalates after Anna makes a decision that causes crazy tension in the family and could quite possibly result in fatal consequences for the sister she loves.

At the end of the book, I was a complete emotional wreck. I’ve always been the emotional kind, but I seriously did not see that blow coming for me. I know you’re probably going to be indifferent when I say this is a phenomenal and amazing novel because I’ve probably been saying this about all the other books I’ve reviewed, but I swear you’re not going to regret picking up this book.

This novel is unlike any other I’ve ever read before. It’s unique and makes you question what is morally right in a circumstance so complicated. It’s a novel that stirred up an emotional and moral conflict inside of me. I was caught in the middle while two strings were pulling me on either end. Where I normally would have settled for one specific stand in a predicament, I found myself sitting on the fence, unsure of which side I should land on. And for that, I love the book. This is the kind of contemporary I wouldn’t mind sacrificing time for. And I’m glad I did. Huge kudos to Jodi Picoult for writing this amazing novel!


Can I just say that I did not expect the ending? Throughout the whole book, Jodi Picoult led me to believe that it was either Kate dies or Kate lives. Never once had I thought of the possibility of Anna losing her life, and not in the midst of an operation. And I guess the impossibility of that situation was what caught me off guard, and left me heart broken at the end. I cannot even begin to imagine how anyone can live through that grief. Her death also made me wonder what her final decision was: Save Kate or not?

I’m a bit bummed, however, that I never saw Kate’s point of view of things until the epilogue where she’s healthy but still mourning her sister’s death. But I guess the whole twist at the end was because we didn’t know Kate’s view in all this until Anna told us.

Alexander Campbell and his rocky relationship with Julia Romano was a beautiful thing to read and watch. It was nice to see how their relationship became strained, and at the end, how it was all down to love. I have to admit, I kind of like those cliches. Oh, and Campbell’s sarcasm is something I really wish I had.

Sara Fitzgerald was another war in my head. I was so irritated at her for being so adamant about the whole reason why Anna was suing her. I felt that she didn’t see things from Anna’s point of view and at many times, I was extremely frustrated at her. She kind of reminded me of my own mother. But despite all of her infuriating actions, I saw the love she had for both Anna and Kate through Anna and her own flashbacks. I’d like to thank Picoult for showing me that even though my own mother can be as frustrating as Sara at many times, she does and says those things out of love.

Well, all in all, this was an incredible journey and I loved every bit of it. I’m definitely going to read more Jodi Picoult in the future! And if you’re reading this, what are you waiting for? Go read this book and let yourself contemplate the morality of it all. I’m sure you’ll learn something from this novel.



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