How I read!

Heya guys! I hope you’ve been having an awesome week with a wonderful book to accompany you. I know I have! I’m currently reading Sea Glass, the second installment in the Glass series by Maria V. Snyder. (I’m actually sticking to my TBR list. I know, it’s crazy.) I’m also currently on a long ass break ’till school starts in April, so hey! I’ve got plenty of time to read. So I just thought I’d share some of my reading habits with you guys. But you probably shouldn’t take it all as advice because I am a very disorganized person. Whoops!

1. Find a good book!

Before you even start seriously devouring anything, you might want to pick the right book. Most of the time, I read the first 2 or 3 chapters of a book before finally deciding whether I should get serious with it or not. (It sounds like I’m trying to pick a boyfriend, gosh) Usually, if the first few chapters don’t intrigue me or make me want to read more, I don’t continue with the book. If I do like the book, however, I’ll start to invest more time in it because I know it’ll be worth it. Sometimes, the reason why I find myself in a reading slump is because the book simply doesn’t interest me but I’m forcing myself to read it. I hate putting down books when I’m halfway through them, but sometimes I guess I’ve got not choice.

2. Find time to read it!

The next thing you want to do is to set aside time! Most of my reading is done on the train on the way to somewhere else. Because I live in Singapore, it’s really small and travelling is almost always done on the train or on the bus. I use those opportunities to read, especially since when I’m schooling, I have assignments to complete and what not so I don’t usually have time at home.

3. Pick a comfortable spot

When I do find time at home to read, I like to do it at the dining table. Though sometimes, it’s a bad idea because there’s food at the table. And that means risking the book getting dirty from food stains. I guess a part of me just can’t seem to avoid food. Other times, I find myself reading while I’m snuggled up in bed. But my bed’s not an ideal place because I don’t have very good lighting at that spot; the best lighting is at the dining table for some absurd reason. Perhaps I should invest in one of those book lights that you clip on your book.

4. Munchies!!

I always make sure I have full access to food whenever I read. Which, like I said is quite dangerous for the book, but very satisfying for myself. Cookies or sweets are my to-go snacks when I’m reading.

5. Jot it down

I’m not the kind to take notes while reading a book, but I always make sure to write down how I feel about the different parts of the novel after I finish it. Those notes help me write book reviews and what not, especially because I have quite poor memory when it comes to remembering simple things.

Well, that’s it for my reading habits! Do you have any habits you find similar to mine? Or any that are different? Feel free to let me know! I love hearing from you guys 🙂


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