Storm Glass by Maria V. Snyder

I absolutely loved this book. It gave me a satisfying ending, yet left a craving for more. I honestly couldn’t wait to get started on Sea Glass, the next book in the series.

Storm Glass is about a glass apprentice/magician-in-training: Opal Cowan, and her unique magic. When the orbs that the Stormdancers from the Stormdance clan use starts shattering, Opal’s ability is required to stop the glass orbs from shattering. The urgency here is real because for every orb that shatters, a Stormdancer dies. During this crucial mission, Opal discovers another ability she never knew she had. But this new discovery could either make her or break her.

Despite the fact that this series picked up a couple of years from where the Study Series left off, I didn’t have a problem integrating myself into the world. Everything was introduced at a perfect pace, and even with multiple references to what happened in the Study Series, I could still understand what was happening and teleport myself into the book. If anything, reading this book has made me really interested in reading the Study Series.

The humor that this novel gave was also just right. It wasn’t overpowering such that the story turned into a comedy, but it wasn’t too little that it became too serious. Overall, it was well-balanced.


I think that it was easy to relate to and understand the protagonist in this story. Unlike the classic strong and confident heroine (think Celaena from Throne of Glass) (I know, I just can’t help referencing it), Storm Glass gave me an insecure woman who can be weak at times, just like us. Different people opened her eyes to different things and that’s what I loved about it all. Another thing about Opal was how Maria V. Snyder didn’t give her one definite boy to fall in love with. Well, she technically did. But just like girls growing up, she felt attraction to other boys, and lied to herself about who she truly wanted and loved. But she’d still learning, and I’m hella excited to journey with her in the next two books.

Devlen was a character I struggled with. I honestly secretly wanted Opal to go with Devlen. I mean, it was a tempting and alluring prospect of Opal falling in love with Devlen and going to the “dark side”. Well, I admit it would have been a cliche good girl and bad boy romance, but for some reason it is really appealing to me. Other than his obvious attraction to Opal, I would love to read more about him. He obviously isn’t a completely evil guy, since his distaste for torture is evident. But before you say anything else, I know that doesn’t stop him from doing it, nor does it stop him from doing anything for power. However, I think his story would be a great one if Maria V. Snyder ever considers it. Come on, just imagine where he could go if he wasn’t all that bad in the end.

Can I just say that I was rooting for Opal to be with Kade the moment she met him? I never liked Ulrick. And I don’t mean Ulrick-Devlen. I felt that Ulrick never really trusted Opal and was being incredibly over protective. And I hated it. I am also inclined to believe that Ulrick did turn to the powers of the Warpers, just like Devlen claimed. It just seemed very Ulrick for him to do so. As for Kade, I’m extremely overjoyed that he and Opal FINALLY got together. Jeez, it took the whole book for them to confess…

Pazia is someone I hope will be a pillar of support for Opal someday. I just feel that Opal needs more girl friends, and Pazia is someone I can see becoming her best friend in the near future. And damn her magic is gone though 😦

Anywho, this book is really really good, and I recommend you to pick it up, especially if you love high fantasy books!



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