February Wrap Up and March TBR!!

Soooooooo it’s finally March!! I don’t want to drag this too long, so Imma get straight into it!

For my February TBR list, I had four books but I’m currently only finishing the third book in the list. Here are the books I read for February! I did reviews for them so do go check them out too!

1. My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult


This novel is the top in my contemporary favorites! You can check out my review right over here.

2. Storm Glass by Maria V.Snyder


This novel is easily one of my favorite fantasy books of all time. I would even dare say the series has earned it’s place beside the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas, which is like the BEST fantasy series ever. One thing I prefer about the Glass Series over the Throne of Glass series so far is that there isn’t any explicit scenes whatsoever. So kudos to Maria V. Snyder for that! And you can check out my review here too!

3. Sea Glass by Maria V. Snyder


Technically, I haven’t finished this book yet, but I’m getting there! So Imma just cheat a bit and include it in the list. Oops!



And so that’s it for my February Wrap Up! Sadly, I didn’t get to start on Down to Earth, but I guess I’ll just leave it to another day. And so without further ado, here’s my TBR list for this month!

1. The first book in my TBR list is Spy Glass by Maria V. Snyder!


This book is the third book in the Glass Series, and I really want to finish this series before I pick up any other book!

2. An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir


I’ve been wanting to read this for so long, but never really got around to it, so here it is!

I’m not going to be too ambitious in my reading goals this month, because I’ll be going on vacation to Japan for half the month! So two books are enough for me right now. But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean I’ll stop reading in Japan! Also, I’ll be posting about my Japan trip right here on this blog so you can see what I’m up to in the land of the rising sun!

Catch y’all later!


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