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How It All Started

I’m pretty sure all of us have a book that got us into reading, am I right? Surely no one is a born reader or anything of the sort. For me, I’ve loved reading ever since I was little, but I only got into a habit and addiction of reading in Secondary School when I was about 15 years old. Yeap, that’s not very long ago.

Anyways, when I was little, I used to love science magazines and books. My favourite magazine was The Young Scientists, and my favourite book was the Horrible Science series. I also loved Roald Dahl’s books. They were amazing! My favourite was The Witches.

Then, when I grew older my older sister influenced what I read. She used to love The Hunger Games, and that’s what I read too. Though I never really got around to finishing the last book in the trilogy because it was just dragging for way too long. I never watched the last two movies either. My sister also loved, and still loves, Ally Carter’s books. Especially the Gallagher Girls series, which I read the first book of. Again, I never got around to reading any other of her books even though they were good. I guess I just wasn’t that much of a reader then.

I think what changed my whole reading life was my Best Friend in Secondary School. She was an avid reader and let’s just say she kind of rubbed off on me. The very first book that really got me into reading was Throne of Glass, which also became my all time favourite series. Though I have to say I don’t like how the release of the latest book literally brought the whole series from the Young Adult section to the Adult section. Geez. But yeah, ever since then, I’ve been devouring books as much as I can. Oh and of course, who could ever forget fanfiction? They were the side dishes to my main course hehe.

So that’s really how I got into reading. My friend and a mind-blowing novel.


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