Japan: Week 1!!

Hello everyone! I’m finally back after my month long hiatus to the land of anime! Yeap, Japannnnn! It’s been an amazing trip and I can’t wait to share it all with you guys. I’ll be posting about my trip in weeks, since I spent 3 weeks there. So there’ll be three posts altogether. Without further ado, here is how my first week went!

For the first five days of my trip, I spent it in the heart of Japan: Tokyo! It was wayyyy colder than we expected when we arrived: a good 13 degrees on average. And the worst thing was that my family was all decked out in spring clothing. I guess it was super duper cold for us, because we live in Singapore and it’s summer all year long here. So we aren’t really used to the cold. Nonetheless, we survived so all is well.

But anyway, we landed in Japan at around 6 am — an ungodly hour, I know. Not many shops were open at that time, so we decided to go to Meiji Shrine. We took the subway to Shibuya station and walked to the shrine from there. At the station, we met the famous statue of Hachiko! Hachiko was a dog known for its loyalty to its owner. It would faithfully wait outside Shibuya station every day for its owner to come back after a long day at work. But after its owner died, it still continued to head to the station every day, hoping its owner would come back. It’s a really sad story 😦 You can go search it up for a fuller and more detailed story! Here’s a picture of Hachiko I took!

Hachiko! The most loyal dog 🐶 🐕

I also managed to get a shot of the famous Shibuya crossing. It was too early for the rush hour at that time though, so I got a shot of it without all the hectic crossing.

Quiet Shibuya Station in the early morning 🌞

And here’s a couple shots of the visit to Meiji Shrine!

The grand entrance of Meiji Shrine Feat. my beautiful sister

At the Shrine, they had sake barrels displayed along the path. Wine barrels were also displayed on the other side of the path. These sake barrels were apparently donated by various rice wine companies in Japan. They are used in the Spring Festivals and other ceremonies, and sipping a cup of the sake is an act of unifying themselves with the gods.

Rows upon rows of Sake barrels!


Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 10.49.35 PM.png
Wine barrels 🍷🛢


We also caught a glimpse of Harajuku’s magic wishing well! We weren’t allowed to touch the water in the well, though. Apparently, they still use the water from the well in some ceremonies and festivals!

Harajuku’s magic wishing well in Meiji Shrine ⛩

We also went for a short tour around a small garden in the Shrine. Here’s a picture of the trees we saw that were, sadly, still not blooming yet.

A view of our walk in the garden 🍃
Our walk through the garden Feat. my family (From left to right: my mom, dad and sister)

On the way back, I also caught a glimpse of a very interesting instrument being played by a street musician! He hit the holes at the different parts of the instrument to make different notes. It’s all really curious!


Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 10.51.30 PM.png
Street musician with a peculiar instrument 🎶

The next day, I went to DisneySea! It was an incredibly joyful experience I definitely won’t forget. Though of course, it is tuned towards kids and not adults, so only some rides were fantastic. The Journey to the Earth ride was one of the AMAZING rides!! If you ever head to DisneySea, you HAVE to try it. There’s a part of the ride where you ride up and out into the cool air outside before dropping back down to the indoor section of the ride. That part was unexpected and simply AWESOME.


That’s me with the first cherry blossoms that I found in DisneySea! 🙂

Here are a couple pictures from my trip to Ueno Park! Though we went there a tad bit too early because there were only a handful of cherry blossom trees that had bloomed already.


One of the few trees I could find that were in full bloom



Ueno Park with soon-to-blossom trees!

There was some shrine or temple near the park where they were selling some trinkets and snacks at stalls that were set up along the road leading up to it. The decoration was certainly really lively and I love it a lot!

I love the pretty lights they used here!
My most favorite photo I took of my parents during the trip 💕💞

We also took to Odaiba during in that week! It was pretty amazing! I got to see a replica of the statue of liberty, even though the lights were faulty when we were there.

Let’s hope this won’t be the closest I’ll ever get to the famous statue :’)
This is a pretty bad photo, but I don’t have any other pics of my trip to Odaiba. Oops!

So that’s about it for my first week in Tokyo! There were definitely some other places that we went to visit, but if I included everything in I’ll never finish!

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it! I’ll be posting the next few posts up in the coming weeks!! Do look out for them 🙂








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